We encourage all clients to come in to our showroom first to determine what products are included in our packages and if these are suitable.


If a custom design bathroom is required, we can discuss and look over the many and varied options so we show you the full extent of what is available. This also allows us to be able to quote the bathroom based on the products and features selected once we have finalized the design.


What should you look for in a bathroom renovation company?

  • Are they a Registered Building Practitioner? Are they qualified in the category to do bathrooms? (DB-L 37324)
  • Do they provide Home owners Warranty insurance? (required for all jobs over $12,000.)
  • Do they supply a domestic building contract for you to sign?
  • Are they asking for the correct deposits? E.g . 5% first deposit for contracts over $20,000.
  • Are you informed about the compulsory cooling off period?
  • Do they offer the statutory 10 year warranty as required in a domestic building contract?
  • Are the exclusions, provisional cost and Prime costs explained and clearly documented?
  • Is an estimated start date and completion date written on the contract?